Raspi always ON ? and security issues (questions)


I have a few questions, I ordered my DAC kit from IQaudIO and will receive the package soon… can’t hardly wait !

my little concerns is about leaving the Raspi/Volumio always “ON”, since I haven’t seen a shut down/turn off in the volumio environement and that there is no "on/off switch on the RasPi board.

  • How will the RasPi turn on/off ? (It’s not a good idea to just plug and unplug the device from wall outle)
  • is there an auto standby ?
  • Is it then OK to leave the whole thing always ON ?

Also, I gave a Logitec Wireless KB/mouse, if I just connect the little transmittor on the RasPi, will the be automatically recognised or it’s better that I find a wired KB & Mouse ? or everything can be setted up via the “local” browser via wifi

I also was wondering what are the security encription on the Raspi Wifi? since it’s wifi, I would not like to leave an open connection to my home network…

Thanks in advance

(some more questions will be coming I’m pretty sure… especially when times comes to set up the whole thing)