Raspbian PIXEL Feat. Volumio2

Hey Guys,

I have a project. One program, I want to use, runs only in Raspbian PIXEL. I dont want to use a second raspberry pi 3 for volumio. So is it possible to install volumio2 on raspbian PIXEL?
I dont need the touch screen Plugin. Only the process in the Background so That i can use the Smartphone Or whatever to control volumio2.

Sorry for my Bad english. Im from germany.

Best regards


Hi Philipp, Raspbian Pixel is just Debian… So your program will likely work on Volumio :wink:

How can i install a gui on blank volumio?

This is the program i want to install on volumio2.


Can anyone help me?

I think that the task you attempting here is non-trivial. You need to start with a Volumio image, because of all it’s optimisations. All the methods I can see to install Pixel involve ‘apt-get dist-upgrade,’ which will almost certainly destroy your working Volumio. This is the case too in this link https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=133691, but at least here the individual packages needed are discussed. This guide would be my starting point if I was going to attempt to install Pixel.

Sorry to be not more helpful, and good luck!

P.S. Your second piece of software that you say you want to install would also appear to be not simple.

Thanks for your advices.
I have tried anything yesterday But nothing Works

Ist there no possibilty to run volumio2 in Background on raspbian with Pixel.

Best regards from germany


I think that there is certainly a good possibility that it could be done … the problem is finding out how to do so. That is something that the community would have to address.