raspbian + mpd + webui


I like volumio webui, etc… but i dont think its good idea that it only exitst as a distribution. You kill one device only for music playback… while you can use it for video … as kodi etc.

Whats the benefit of volumio? It uses mpd … does it use any special patches?

I have rpi2 + raspbian… cna i install mpd from volumio and on top of it webui? That box is used for emby + kodi … but i would like to add volumio (mpd + webui only ) on top of it.

is it possible?

thank you

Hi, optimizing a system for excellent audio performances involves repurposing the whole OS, that is why Volumio is meant to be a distribution. Add that you’re using it with low power devices like the pi, and you understand that the less process you have running better the performance will be.
Some things that are done at OS level:

  • Running processes are keep to bare minimum
  • Alsa is tweaked
  • Kernel is tweaked
  • Php and nginx are custom versions
  • Logging behaviour is custom

That’s why to ensure the best possible quality in audio playback, Volumio has to be see as a whole OS and not as a webUI

well its about MPD … so what you can tweak on alsa / kernel level?

processes to bare minimum, php, nginx and logging are not that much important…

Is it possible to get more details on that MPD, kernel and alsa tweaks?


anyway … you dont need one function device…

one can easily apply kernel patches, recompile mpd… etc … but apparently nothing is at the moment “public” … if you dont dig into volumio git repo…

it will be very nice if someone can share kernel patches, alsa conf etc… that can be eaily applied on any other linux.

In the Build repo you can see the whole process of building Volumio, optimizations included (still incomplete, however)

i’m too very interested by this solution because i can’t use my Rpi2 with a touchscreen and volumio on it !