raspberry touchscreen goes off and cannot be reactivated


Thanks for the wonderful software.

I recently installed version 2.118 along with touchscreen plugin on a raspberry pi with the official pi touchscreen.

After a while, the screen turns off (as it would on a computer that is not being actively used). However, touching the touchscreen or moving the mouse that I have plugged into raspberry does not always fully reactivate the screen. It works sometimes. At other times, the screen turns on, but is essentially blank. Volumio is still playing music and I can still access and control it from my desktop, but I cannot see volumio on the touchscreen. I have to restart the pi to get volumio to appear on the touchscreen again.

Note that I previously had version 2.041 installed and the screen never turned off, so there was never a question of needing to reactivate it.

Any thoughts on a solution?

Thanks a lot.

You may want to check that post.
Please add [solved] in this topic title if it resolves the issue.

The problem seems to have fixed itself. The problem disappeared when I unplugged my usb mouse. But when I plugged the mouse back in to see if the problem would reappear, it did not. Not sure what to make of that. Did I use a different USB port? Not sure.

macmpi, Thanks for your suggestion. I will follow up on that if the problem reappears.