Raspberry touchscreen goes crazy

Using Volumio (up to date) with Raspberry Pi 3B, HifiBerry Amp2 and 7" touchscreen.

Everything worked fine up until this summer. At that point, the touchscreen suddenly started going crazy. After a few minutes of operation, the screen image (the Volumio interface) would suddenly expand (only part of it fitting on screen), and start jumping around (rate of several times a second). At first, I put it down to the heat (30C or so), but it’s continued even on cooler days and with AC on.

What could cause this, and how can I fix it?

Separately (I think) - the female jumper cables I use to power the display’s adapter board are loose, and tend to fall off the pins on the board.
The setup looks much like the one here (step 7 - element14.com/community/doc … en-display), including the cables. They have some sort of black plastic boot that seems designed to hold onto the pins if used right, but either I’m not using them right, or they’re not working.

I had the same problem, at first I thought of a power or conection problem but after having checked all conections and enough voltage and ampere and after a good inspection there was a very small crack in the screen and it was only visible if I slightly bent the screen.

it could well be that there is also a very small crack in your touchscreen.
I accidentally found out when the sun was shining right on the touchscreen otherwise I never found out that the crack was the cause of the problem.

the safest way is to use a flashlight or LED from your smartphone to shine on the screen to see if there is a crack in it.

I already have a new touch screen, the old one simply did not work because of the crack.


Thanks for the tip. I didn’t find a crack, but of course it’s possible I missed it. At least it’s an explanation.

have you tried to use an external 5 volt power on the board of the touch screen in stead off to use the power of the raspberry pi.
the ribbon cable is properly connected and does not have any kinks or damage.

or view the link for possible solutions.

lb.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewt … p?t=121010

I haven’t tried that, but will try to get hold of one. Thanks.