Raspberry Pi4 - ifi nano ione dac and MQA Problem


I’m using Raspberry Pi 4 with Ifi nano ione dac with Tidal Connect. But I have a problem about MQA tracks. My dac supports MQA tracks but when I’m trying to use with Volumio I can only get cd quality (44.1 kHz 16 bit or maximum 48khz 24 bit) even though there is a Master logo on tidal albums I can get maximum 48khz. What should I do to listen MQA tracks on Tidal with Tidal Connect on Raspberry Pi 4.

if you want mqa you have to use max volume on volumio

Thanks for the reply, I changed the playback options like in below. But the result again not satisfaying.

that’s what i know of volumio if you want to get it in some cases

My system is different, but I have mixer set to none and I’m getting mqa with Tidal connect with my Topping D90mqa.

You need a dac that is both decoder and renderer for MQA. I believe iOne is only capable of doing the rendering part.

As a side note, when my dac is playing mqa, this is only displayed on my dac. The “now playing” volumio screen just indicates the rate and bits of the flac package. (44.1/48 hz 16/24 bits).