Raspberry Pi3 not seeing all the wifi channels


I’ve loaded the 2.041-2016-12-12-pi img onto a Raspberry Pi 3. When I try to add my SSID from the available wireless networks list, I don’t see it listed, but using various wifi scanner apps I know its up and available on the 2.4GHz band.
I then ran a terminal session and ran a “iwlist wlan0 scan” command and again the SSID isn’t showing up, but i only see SSID’s for channels 1-9.
However if run up a different OS image on a different SD card using the latest Raspbian Jessie image on the same Pi3, and run the same “iwlist wlan0 scan” command, i do see my routers wireless SSID showing on channel 13?

I could try and change the channel used on the router to confirm this but wondering if this is a known issue for this OS image level ?


So this seems to be a localisation / US orientated OS build issue.
Ran “IW LIST” on the volumio OS image build and channels 12-14 are set to (disabled).
Ran the same command on a vanilla Jessie image on the same Pi3 and channels 12 -13 are working with only channel 14 showing as (disabled).
Looking in Wiki en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WLAN_channels it seems that channels 12 & 13 are usually turned off or low power in the US but not in ROW.
Still looking for config file or command to enable either or both of these two channel frequencies unless anyone knows?

That’s an interesting one that I’d not considered before. I was aware of the extra channels used in the US. Just looked at the results of my own “iw list” and it is only channel 14 that is disabled

OK, this looks to be working for me (info gained from various sources).
Temp fix was to issue “sudo iw reg set GB” (as GB is my region code) but this will get lost across reboots, so changed file “/etc/default/crda” and amended line with “REGDOMAIN=” to “REGDOMAIN=GB” and rebooted. Checking the region setting after reboot can be confirmed with “sudo iw reg get”.
Not sure if change in this file will get lost/reset when volumio system gets updated? Also not sure how vanilla raspbian gets correct region code?