Raspberry pi3 b and AOIDE U GEEK DAC II

Hi I’m new to this with the raspberry and DAC…

I don’t if it’s any good beside any dac that coat 500$ and more…

I bought on ali express the aluminium case raspberry pi3 and u geek aoide dac II and want to know if you have the extension for the output for it and id someone have listen to it…my friends that are ““true audiophile”” smile at me and think this is shit because it only cost 136$ Canadian.

Thanks to reply

seems this dac doesn#t work with volumio, see this:


This is because he upgrade the volumio without the extension of the u geek aoide dac…i have the latest version…we will see if it will work…i will get it this week

This HAT is said to have a very good headphone output, can you pls comment on that?

I don’t have headphone just tower speaker stereo amp sub… so i can’t comment on that.


I use this DAC in combination with a “vintage” HiFi-Set (Yamaha AX-1070 and IQ TED IV Speakers) and I think that the sound is great. I compared it to an “old” TEAC VRDS-10 CD-Player and I did not note a difference. I usually listen at “moderate” levels, the Amp at - 24dB and use the Volumio to adjust the level, usually between 15 and 50%.
Amazon.de offers the same(?) card at a similar price under the brand name Wingoneer, description is identical, only (?) the Aoide uGeek print is missing on the board.

Needless to say that the4 old “gigo-principle” (garbage in, garbage out) is especially true in modern Audio. I compared the SBM-remastered Dire Straits Brothers in Arms CD to its AAC (Apple lossless ) version.

It would be nice to have the Aodie included into the standard Volumio installation, but uGeek is providing updates quite frequently.


P.S. the Aluminum case offered by uGeek really is very nice!