Raspberry Pi2 + HAT Board vs. Hummingboard

Hi guys,

it’s quite a while i’m considering to move from VoyageMPD+x86 to Volumio+ARM ,
but i’m not able to choose which ARM platform to buy…

i’m considering to use HAT board on RasPi2 (I2S to Coax, or directly a DAC) or Coaxial output on Hummingboard (i’ve some DACs with Coaxial input)

i’m aware of “shared USB bus” troubles of older RasPi when using USB DACs,
which seem to be solved with RasPi2,
and never affected Hummingboard due to its different architecture, without USB sharing for its internal devices,
am i right?
i’m not considering USB DACs for now, but i prefer a “complete” solution without any problem, also with USB DACs…

“RasPi2 + HAT board” solution has very similar cost compared to Hummingboard i1,
even if RasPi2+HAT is more friendly in purchasing, RasPi2 in my country (Italy) and HAT board inside EU,
Hummingboard is only outside EU…

Similar costs but not similar HW performance,
i presume RasPi2 has to be compared at least with Hummingboard-i2eX,
but what are HW performance requirements for Volumio?
Hummingboard-i1 is quite enough, Hummingboard-i2 or i2eX can give more possibilities (upsampling for example) or just better sound quality than i1?
Volumio is perfecly compatible with every Hummingboard version?

Which of all these platforms (RasPi2 + HAT boards, or Hummngboards) can give better sound quality ? (less jitter for example)

Can you help me choosing my Volumio platform ?

Thanks in advance,

I have been running a PI2 with iQAudio’s DAC+ in an IQAudio Case and I am delighted with the results and the look of the completed package.
IQAudio is in Scotland therefore part of the EU (at least for now) so pricing and shipping should be decent. Setup instructions for the DAC and the case are great.

I’m happy I went that way.

Hi Dennis,
thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

I still continue to be fascinated by Hummingboard as an “all in one” solution,
with no need of additional devices (only for Coax out purpouses)

but i’m pretty sure that RPi2 is a more “intelligent” solution,
easy and cheap local buying (and warranty!)
more HW power by itself, more HW support for external devices,
and way bigger community with plenty of solutions and alternative possibilities…

i think i’ll go for it, when i’ll go :mrgreen:


Alea iacta est

i made my choice : Raspberry Pi2 :sunglasses:

Used to setup Linux Voyage MPD on some x86 platforms,
i was really astonished about quickness & easiness of setting up Volumio onto my RasPi2… just flash SD card and go ! :astonished: :smiling_imp:

2 minutes spent for fetching infos on routing music stream into analog output (just disconnect HDMI) and inserting my webradio playlist (just the usual place for MPD) and stop works, only music…
i had immediately fall in love with Volumio :smiley:

i’m now surviving with analog output, i will soon go for a HAT board,
haven’t decided yet if a complete DAC or only a Coaxial transport,
and most likely i’ll go for a linear power supply, instead of my present USB charger.

i want to thank a lot Punky-Tse and its Linux Voyage project, for giving me years of music with my x86 platforms,
and the possibility to practice onto a simple but solid Linux environment.
I also want to deeply thank Carlo Bernardini and its brilliant italian guide to Voyage MPD (guidainstallazionevoyagempdlinux.blogspot.it/) which was my main guide for years… guys you’re great :sunglasses:

We’ve had the same path…
Kim and Carlo… They are also in Volumio credits…

i’m honored to have covered your same path, but yours was waaay longer than mine,
and still continues to grow :wink:

p.s. you and your collaborators are also great guys, heartfelt congratulations for this very nice project :stuck_out_tongue: