Raspberry Pi wifi connection issue


I’m having trouble with Volumio2 on RPi3 connecting to my home wifi network on boot. Until last week, I was using the on-board wifi with only the occasional disconnect. But when I purchased a metal case for the pi, volumio either could not find my home connection, or showed it to be very weak. So I bought this wifi adapter, hoping it would solve the issue. Now, volumio shows my network with good connectivity, and works fine after I connect to the volumio hotspot and tell volumio to connect to wifi manually. But it no longer connects automatically, and I have to do this on every boot.

Thank you for your help.

Did you save the wifi settings? If you restart Volumio from the UI, are the settings lost? What version of Volumio are you using?

I am using version 2.118 (The latest version from the website download page). The wifi settings are saved correctly. It remembers the password, so I just need to click on my network name and click “connect”.

You may want to check this thread: already covered, and investigation ongoing. Maybe you can help.