Raspberry Pi Volumio 2 keeps hanging but 1.55 is fine

Hardware: Raspberry Pi B+, Hifiberry Amp+, 12V 3A power supply, ethernet connection, Sandisk 8GB class 10 SD card.

Network: Another Raspberry Pi 2B with ethernet set up as a NAS with > 14,000 music tracks

Problem: I have several Raspberry Pi B, B+, 2B with various DACs which have been happily running Volumio 1.55 for years and I am really happy with the set up. I recently decided to try Volumio 2. Loaded the latest version (2.185) onto a SD card in the Raspberry Pi B+ and correctly set up Hifiberry Amp+ and NAS connection. All working fine (tested with internet radio and a NAS file) and Volumio starts to build the playback library. However as soon as it gets to around 2,000 tracks, it becomes unresponsive. Web page dose not update and can’t connect to the Raspberry Pi through SSH or any other means. I have left it for hours to see if it comes back, but nothing. Only option is to turn off the power and restart the Raspberry Pi. It starts off working perfectly and plays NAS tracks, showing around 2,000 tracks, but as soon as I ask it to update or reset the library it goes unresponsive again. I have done this multiple times. I have tried different Raspberry Pi (2B), power supplies, DACs, SD cards etc but it makes no difference. So I have reflashed Volumio 1.55 instead, and the Raspberry Pi etc has rebuilt the library perfectly and is working happily.

I really would like to move from 1.55 to 2, but I am completely stumped as to what is causing the problem. Why is Volumio 2 getting stuck beyond around 2,000 tracks and going unresponsive until switched off then on? Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Have you tried looking in the logs about the time the system becomes unresponsive (/var/log/volumio.log and ‘sudo journalctl -b’)?

You might want to have a read through of this rather long thread too, for someone else having problems on trying to use the early RPis with Volumio 2