Raspberry Pi Touch-Screen compatibility

The Raspberry Pi foundation just released a somewhat plug-and-play touchscreen for the Pi, sold for about US$60.

arstechnica.com/information-tech … n-display/

It’d be nice to have this touch-screen functionality built into future versions of Volumio.

Yeah please include this device! :open_mouth:

I would be very interested in this as well!

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take a look at that :


It has been done before with smaller restive and capacitive screens, and also that link IRoN posted shows that i can work.
The problem with the early builds was that the R-Pi was a little bit to light weight to run both the screen with webpage (full gui) and volumio with all the audio optimizations.

Since then the R-Pi 2 came out 6 times stronger cpu than the original R-Pi so it should run smooth(er) now.

Shouldnt be too hard… It’s just a display… And isfully supported inraspbian jessie on which volumio runs…

Google raspian jessie kiosk or something like that and setup that up qith the display/touchpanel…

Have the browser open the volumio page by default.

Anybody done yet? Is there any ‘How-To’ for Volumio 2?
How about the worries on audio quality? Are the RPI2 / RPI 3 specs enough to forget about the “head”?

The display itself is compatible out of the box with Volumio, just connect it and it will output video.
To display the webui: we’re working on a plugin for that…

Does the new plugin for the Pi foundation touch screen provide for a virtual (on screen) keyboard?

I’m pretty excited about this development!

No it didnt provide it and reinstall is worst :smiley:

look in this article:

I created a image :slight_smile:

I really like this new Touchscreen plugin, but I have one question: is it possible to turn of the mouse cursor? When using a touchscreen one doesn’t need it and it actually doesn’t look good. It seems to be possible by adding ‘nocursor’ somewhere, but I have no clue where (sorry not so experienced with Linux). Anyone who can give me a hint?

I use a RP3 with a Waveshare 10.1" 1280×800 IPS touchscreen (HDMI + USB).

I have managed to get a waveshare 3.5 inch GPIO screen working with the Raspbian, but no luck with the Volumio

The intention was to see the current track of a web radio.
Maybe it would be possible to include the Wavehare screen drivers to next Volumio Raspberry build? Since I do not know the Linux background that good, then a NO is also an answer :slight_smile:

At the moment a Raspberry Pi B has been playing for weeks with Autoplay plugin with a web radio. Have tried also the touchscreen plugin over HDMI with a screen, but it is too heavy (chromium) for version B.