Raspberry Pi shutdown/Re-boot failures

I have a number of Raspberry Pi based Volumio systems in the house, and have had then running 24/7 for months/years, but over that time I have had a number of occurances where selecting the shutdown-reboot option causes the unit to shut down, but then fails ro complete startup. As far as I have been able to determine, the problem appears to be caused by some bad data in the ram disk that is written to the SD card during shutdown.

The issue appears to be restricted to the devices where I have a Raspberry Pi LCD display connected and am using the TouchScreen addon.

But I guess that the problem is in some way related to the presence of the touch screen addon, which is using a Chrome browser, which will, over time be adding data to the browser cache, which while in RAM is not a problem, but on issuing the shutdown/reboot command, the ram drive data (including the ever changing browser cache data) gets written to SD card. But then fails to reload after power up/restart.

As far as I have been able to determine from the rare instances that the unit is rebooted and dies, the unit appears to fail to display anything on the LCD display and also appears to fail to connect to the WiFi network (nore does it try to create it’s Wifi hotspot as an alternative).

Most times the reboots work without issue, but eventually they will fail.

The problem has occured over multiple software versions and different PI3 boards and SD cards.

My actual hardware/software setups (two days ago when I last had a reboot failure).

PiZeroW Version 2.873 - USB audio output device, no display - Reboots fine (though was refusing to play anything)
Pi3 Version 2.714 - Headphone output, LCD display, Touchscreen addon - Reboot failed, no access or obvious activity.
Pi3 Version 2.882 - USB audio output device, LCD display, Touchscreen addon - REboots without problem working fine.

As a result I have now reflashed the SD cards for the PiZeroW and dead Pi3 with version 2.917

Additionally, I use all my devices to play MP3 from a Wifi attached NAS which is connected as a media server.
Sometimes I will listen to BBC4 Extra via a Internet Radio favorites link.
I never create playlists, other than the live playlist which I either add to or delete when all has played.
I rarely use the Pi LCD touch screen other than to see what is currently playing, most/all control is via the remote network browser interface, so the LCD display just turns on while something is playing, then blanks out once playing finishes.

I have all units set to NOT display album artwork, as all my MP3 files have NO artwork, and I do not want to see any artwork.

I will continue monitoring but things only go wrong if the units are commanded to shutdown or reboot.

I am just posting this as a heads up, as it appears to be a longstanding issue, which I have never managed to track down.

Also as I have reflashed the SD Cards, I have no logs available.

I also do not expect to see another reboot failure for possibly 6 months or longer unless I start frequently shutting down/rebooting the units.

Here’s an update. Just had a double power cut, first one lasted for about 5 minutes, second one for about one second, so short that a TV and PVR that were on watching a recorded program continued with no interruption.

My hardware and software is unchanged since the original details listed in the original post.

However not so good for my 3 Volumio systems.
Two out of three survived, but one now has a corrupted SD card again.
The failed one has RaspPi 7inch display, and was only recently updated with 2.917.
I know all were good two days ago as I manually commanded them to shutdown, then removed power, then about an hour later powered them on again, and all started up.

I noted that both working Pi’s remembered their last play list since after the commanded shutdown, this suggests that changes to the play list get written to the SD card when they change and do not require a shutdown command to store them, so I wonder what else may be getting written to SD card without needing a shutdown command.

Does anyone else have this random problem with PI3’s with PI LCD screen and TOUCH PANEL addon? As this at present appears to be the only common point of my random failures.

Does the inclusion of the screen and the TOUCH PANEL addon modify the SD card usage in any way that could make corruption more likely?