Raspberry Pi PSU

I have been testing Volumio for a while now and see it as a great contender even against other commercial products. My question is about scale and long term ownership of the hardware needed to support the software.

I wish to build a rack mounted system able to handle 12 zones which would require 12 Pis and something like the HifiBerry Amp2 or the equivalent from Allo. Thing is that this would be a lot of little boxes running about in the rack and a same amount of power supplies.

Question is does anyone have a neater solution to a multiroom setup, maybe one that can auto power on and remote off too?


I’ve got 4 running, I used a piece of 19" wood and screwed them all too it, then used a spare PC Power Supply to power them all - it’s not pretty but it works.

If you have access to a 3D Printer, this could be an option - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=splC57efBFQ



Forgot to mention, I run a +5v & Gnd buss-bar then each is connected to the +5v & Gnd on the GPIO Header

Thank you. that was useful. Which AMP are you using with the PI?

At the moment it’s only running into my Sony AV receiver on my main unit, the other 3 are just into generic powered speakers at the moment.

Future plans are a valve amp for when I’m actually listening to the music, AV receiver for background during the day and the other two, not decided yet

I see, interesting. My issue is that the Hifiberry Amp2 comes with an 80w PSU. Having 12 of these switched on and idle in the off chance that someone might want to listen to some music feels like a waste.

I am trying to figure out a way of being able to remotely power these on and off. I might be able to write a script that uses “wake on LAN” and another to simply send a shutdown command but still the Power supplies would be on all the time.

You could try an internet controlled power switch - something like


It may be possible to connect a spare GPIO out to power the respective power supply via a relay using the GPIO Control Plugin?

thanks Andrew,

interesting concept but I think that the Pi would need to be on. I think your other post re the remote controlled socket makes more sense in my case.

Keep well

you will need to be careful switching off the RasPi via it’s power as they have a habit of killing the SD Card

I’d leave the Pi’s on, they only use around 300mW when doing nothing, but I’m not paying your electric bill :slight_smile:

I actually already have a couple of these already. If its so low you are probably right. I will meter them and will let you know