Raspberry Pi@HifiBerry shared files TwonkyServer conflict

I am using latest Volumio version 2.201 (only Lan, no plugins, default settings) and installed via SSH latest TwonkyMediaServer for Raspberry twonky-armel-glibc-2.13-hf-8.4.1.zip. I am using an USB-Stick (tested different formats FAT32, ext4, NTFS) as Media source. I am using Volumio as a Renderer and control everything with the Android App Bubbleupnp. Everything works really smooth so far :slight_smile:

But after a reboot there are no shared songs available in the status menu of Twonky.

It seems like Volumio Server overwrites the settings of the Twonky Server. Is there any way to disable Media Scanning of Volumio? I just want to use Volumio as a Renderer.

Is there any solution for this issue?

Issue solved. It was an older Version of Twonkyserver Installed 8.21 which had Problems with local Installed usb drives.
i did a complete new Installation today and everything is working properly now, sorry for that!