Raspberry Pi Digital and Analogue simultaneous output

Hi All,

I was wondering, does anyone know if there is a DAC for the Raspberry Pi that has both digital and analogue connections which can be used simultaneously? I found one with a TOS link and dual RCA but in Volumio you have to change between them, it seems they are treated as seperate devices although on the same board.

The reason I ask is because I want to have the analogue output to my amp and the digital to my DAT recorder (I like playing with retro audio hardware and thought I’d get a digital tape drive, but want to have decent quality audio on it direct from digital rather than converting twice :wink:)

This might:


A quick email to Gordon @IQAudIO will confirm…

Sent a msg to them, the answer is no LOL Doesn’t seem like anyone does this.

What I am currently thinking is getting a digital audio card and then using an external SPDIF to analogue converter.

You might keep an eye on HiFiBerry : hifiberry.com/blog/more-channels/