Raspberry PI DAC with preamp out?

Hi! I’m new to the community but I have been following the development for a while now, and think that it is time for me to get my own little device.
My situation is currently a laptop with probably a horrible soundcard directly hooked up to a vintage Luxman M-02 poweramp, no preamp stage in between. This means no preamp out and no possiblilty to connect a subwoofer to my stereo.

I would like to have an R-Pi DAC in between only for wireless audiostream from my laptop and my Android phone, and also have a pre-out from the R-Pi, is there any soloution to this available? It seems a bit excessive to buy a RPi and a preamp-stage on my student budget.

As i play a lot of music from Spotify or vinyl-player, the Spotify feature is very important for me, as I’ve been reading it is under develompent. But meanwhile, it is possible to stream all audio from the laptop via Shairplay, right? Is Shairplay in any way limited in terms of audio quality?

Thank you for an amazing project!

/ Olden