Raspberry Pi 4 + IFI ZEN DAC or Audirvana Plus / Huge Sound Diffrerences

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.861
Hardware: Pi4 Via USB to ZEN DAC to Ampli via RCA

Here the question as you see… *Same Track by TIDAL MASTER Subsc.

A) Configuration PI4 Via USB to ZEN DAC *(outcome: Max 48KHZ/24Bit) Colour “PERMANENT” ZEN DAC *(yellow)
B) Configuration MAC BOOK PRO &Audirvana Plus Via USB to ZEN DAC *(outcome: Max 192KHZ/24Bit MQA) Colour change in ZEN DAC *(blue)

There any software limitation to use PI4 and ZEN DAC in combination all my Tidal sound FLAC and not MQA, I don’t see any settings to be manage to grant this huge upsampling differences between this two software *Volumio <> Audirvana

Looks some bug on Volumio to manage the ZEN DAC or maybe my PI need an add digital out port ?..

Can someone help me to find solution or confirm there a limitation on Volumio Via Ras.PI4 ?

See the evidences!

Volumio does not do first unfold… For mqa titles.

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I’ve DAC for this, but Volumio not pastrought directly

I guess your dac need that first unfold to be done by volumio or by audio nirvana which it does…