Raspberry Pi 4 display disappeared

I have a AUDIOPHONICS RASPDAC MINI (Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4, Audiophonics I-Sabre ES9028Q2M) and an old 2.xxx volume was on it, today I updated it to the latest one and my display disappeared.


Something you can comment on? Not familiar with/or access to this board.

from 2.xx to 3.xx will clear your old settings,
if you don’t have a backup of your settings you have to re-configure it.

when I turn on the “mini”, the display is dark

My question was for Oliver from Audiophonics.
There is a plugin in development by him, but that one is for the Sabre. The link on their webpage is no longer working

You can try this here:

@olivier_audiophonics will help you, he works for the company and made a plugin for volumio 3 to avoid “audiophonic”-specific images.


We are no longer maintaining customized images for this device (but the software is still updated). So the correct way of using Volumio 3 on this hardware is to start from a fresh Volumio image and use the following instructions.

It requires SSH and takes around 2 minutes to install.

Let me know if you have any issue.

Thanks @olivier_audiophonics

Couldn’t find these instruction as the link on the webpage is failing.

Hi Olivier,
A little off-topic, I know, just a question, will the new streamer Audiophonics Holo Red have a Volumio option?

And, never thanked you for the plugin, great you managed!
Joyeuses Fêtes,

Just saw a reply to a question from audiophonics on their site, where they do refer to Volumio…

sorry, I used ssh for the first time in my life, now the display is white, how can I insert a picture? can’t it show the “now playing” things? thank you

And my original remote control doesn’t work either

Oh. You do not have the RaspDacMini.

You have the RaspDacMini LCD which is a different device and requires a different set of instructions.

I should have double checked before. Just restart from a fresh Volumio and do follow the “How to install” section, everything should be fine then.

As far as I know, we do not plan to do anything software-related on the Holo Red.
I’m also pretty sure my colleagues from customer support would hate the idea of making it easier to break something on such an expensive device.

Thank you for your kind words (and patience), I wish you the best as well.

thx, the remote works better, just the volume doesn’t. however, the screen is always just white. can I put a brand new volume on it somehow? I have already touched many things, that could be the problem.

i have this:

Yes you need to write a new Volumio image on your SD card before you apply this set of instructions.

If you really have trouble with doing this over SSH, I still have a backup full customized image for this device here (613.54 MB file on MEGA) that you can directly write on your SD card, but we are gradually dropping the whole customized image thing, so the SSH way is the most “future-friendly” way of running Volumio on this board for now.