Raspberry Pi 4 discontinued?

It seems that the PI is history after RS discontinued production so what alternatives do we have? I got a Rock4SE but cannot make it boot with the rock images.
Any ideas of a PI replacement or what are the future plans here?

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did you read the whole artikel? it’s only RS group…

RS Group has been an important partner for Raspberry Pi, manufacturing our products under licence since launch in February 2012. Our licence agreement with RS Group came to an end in June 2022, with the result that they no longer manufacture Raspberry Pi products. Other licensees, and our own production, are unaffected by this change. We continue to work with our reseller partners to supply Raspberry Pi products to the market, and anticipate no negative impact on availability."

Other licensees such as Element14 are continuing to manufacture Raspberry Pi, alongside Raspberry Pi made in Wales via Sony.

Supplies of Raspberry Pi boards are still short, leading to higher prices, purchase limits and anti-scalper requirements to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to grab a slice of Raspberry Pi.

Tom’s Hardware has reached out to RS Group for comment. This story will be updated once we receive it.

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Hi Dvo, that may be as it may but still no PI’s anywhere so probably it will be good with an alternative?

that is still the chip shortage there are still some but without chips you will have that problem.

OK, lets see what happens then, not a good situation on pi stock at the moment

what Rock images are you trying to boot? There are no Rock4SE Volumio images available…

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We are working to provide you guys with alternatives for Volumio. We’ll be in touch soon



there a plenty for sale still, search Ebay for example

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Heh… I will never pay what they ask at the moment. I did though read an article that production will normalize next half of 23.

Maybe the Banana Pi M5 could work, as it also can run Raspbian OS.
The Raspbian foundation had troubles with chip deliveries at the time the RPi4 was already 3,5 years in production. Now, almost 3 years later, they still have no successor ready for release. In the meantime, faster and more powerful SBC’s are released. A Banana Pi M6 is almost available. I run Volumio on the Asus Tinkerboard with no problems.
Just my 2 cents…

Give the peeps from Volumio time to sort it out.
We need to take cost, image modifications and system support into consideration.

Hi Panos70
I am running Volumio on a Ruspberry ZERO (12-15 US$) and still available.
No problems, totally compatible.

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In Germany the cheapest offer is 48.97€ for a kit.

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I use pi v2 to run volumio without problems. They are available cheap on eBay and are likely to provide less RFI than pi 4 to whatever dac or interface board you use. The processing power required of volumio is not great.


Im using cm4s in allo usbridge…