Raspberry Pi 4 + 7 inch Touch Screen Display + Volumio

Unfortunately, I’m not a computer expert, so I’m asking for your help.
I want to connect a Raspberry Pi 4 (Model B, 4GB LPDDR4) to a 7inch Touchscreen Display and run a Volumio. I connected the RPi 4 and the display (power supply and ribbon cable), inserted the SD card with the installation for Volumio, connected the keyboard via USB and connected the power supply. The display shows “volumio login:” where I type “volumio”, followed by “Password:” where I also type “volumio” and press enter. After that, “Linux volumio 4.19.118-v71 etc.” is displayed and ends with “volumio @ volumio: ~ $”.
What should I do now? Please help me step by step. Thank you very much in advance for your help!
Best regards, Sam

Welcome Sammy,
if you have a computer just use the ip adress of your pi or volumio.local
use any browser on a computer, tablet or phone to get in to volumio.
just follow the set-up and finish it after that you can install other plugins.

and if you want volumio to show up on your screen just install the touch display plugin,
you will find it under plugins and then search plugins

Done. Works. :wink:
Many thanks!

Best regards,