Raspberry Pi 3 / Volumio Structure Needs Cleaning error

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: volumio-2.882-2021-04-24-pi
Hardware: RPi 3
DAC: HiFiBerry DAC Plus

I formatted a newly purchased 1TB Micro SD card with ‘SD Card Formatter’ then wrote the image for the latest version above via ‘Win32DiskImager’.

The RPi and Volumio boots perfectly the first time the unit is turned on, when I re boot the unit I see the message in the attached image, can anyone advise as to what the issue may be and how I might fix it:

Can you try with a smaller SD first?

Had indeed the same issue with a new Samsung 128GiB SD card. Then I took a 8GiB (class 10) which gave no issues.

It works fine with an 8GB but I bought two 1TB cards as I want to store all of my CD / .MP3’s on it.

maybe you can use the 8GB to boot and use a USB2SD plug to add the 1TB cards?

Amazing, that thought never crossed my mind hehe. I already have a standard USB to SD converter device. Thanks for the idea hehe. Will try it and report back.