Raspberry Pi 3 Model B doesn't boot after last beta update

I have updated to the latest beta version using the GUI,
and after reboot, the device doesn’t came up and even doesn’t get an IP address.
is there known issue? When it will be solved?
I am using beta versions because of problems in hi-res clicks & pops on USB DAC.

Thank you!

Thanks for report. Just to remind you, dev version may work or not…

Yes I know, but if users will update to this version, they will need to reflash the official img again and so on…

I can confirm this, on a 3+A.
Upgrading from Release build V2.779 as Test build V2.794 both end in a bricked player.

Not only the player… the device just not boot at all

same issue for me as well, on RPi3A system does not boot anymore.

Same update can boot on RPi4 (2GB), but Generic I2S DAC doesn’t work anymore

Updatingnow to 2.796. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

Good Luck :slight_smile: cant wait to your results, Im updating too… :rofl:

OK the device was rebooted into Volumio, Till now everything looks OK

It boots OK, but my original issue isn’t resolved.
Ah well, can’t win them all :smile:

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Is the ver. 2.798 safe ?
Did a update this morning , didn’t check to which version but it went wrong and bicked the player

We’ve been experimenting with various new kernels this week to support PI4 8GB and some new i2s DACs and amps, and this version was a nogo, you were unlucky to update to this beta release.

Can you please try this new one:

And report back?

I personally tested this on a PI4 and everything was working fine, but there are so many PI versions which makes quite hard to test them all on our side.
Also, feedback on I2S Dacs and HDMI\Audio Jack audio are needed



Rpi 3B, HifiBerry + Clone

The OTA update from 2.779 to 2.799 worked fine

The only thing is that I after update , first had to set output to Headphone , save and then set I2s to HIFiBerry +, to make it work

RPi: 3A+ and Zero-W both successfully updated to 2.799.
I2S: Piano 2.1 works, but DSP settings don’t show (can’t select stereo mode and frequency.)

I had clicks and pops going on with my PI4 and Hifiberry DAC AMP2. I discovered that my power supply was not powerful enough…now have 12v 3amps and it works perfectly

In my case, the DAC has its own power supply (220v built in), I have checked with RuneAudio and there isn’t any clicks or pops.
by the way, its probably improved that the Volumio development team has changed the kernel, the clicks & pops are almost gone, except in DSD512, which is very rare to find (I found only only album in the web). and the clicks and pops is almost not exists anymore… I hope the future release versions will solve this issue totally