Raspberry Pi 3 & Audio-gd NFB-11.28 DAC

Hi everyone

I’m having trouble getting my raspberry pi 3 to recognize the Amanero Combo 384 USB Interface on the NFB-11.28 DAC. I am not presented with the USB option when selecting from the Audio Output drop-down menu. The only available options are ‘Audio Jack’ and ‘HDMI Out’. I have tried different
USB ports on the raspberry pi but this makes no difference. What is particularly confusing is that I have had this combination working previously so I’m not sure what has changed.

Would appreciate some help/advice as to what might be the problem. I have the IS2 DAC option set to off and the DSD Playback mode set to DSD over PCM (DoP). The raspberry pi is also connected to my home network via ethernet.

Ok, found the problem - dud USB cable.


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