Raspberry Pi 3 and wireless AP

This shouldn’t be that hard but I guess it is. I have a Pi 3 and would like to make it a AP with Volumio installed so I can use it in my car and connect to volumio with my phone. I have hifiberry Digi+ sending audio out to a Digital Sound Processor in my car. I can get Volumio installed and working just fine, but I am having a lot of trouble getting the AP going. If I install Raspbian all by itself I can do it without a problem. Install Volumio and it does not work. Has anyone done this in the past or currently working on it?

Right now in my car I have a pi 2 running OSMC to accomplish this but the boot time is just way to slow booting up. I figured I would try Volumio and nothing, cannot get it working.

Any help would be great


Hi Dan, we’ve alredy done it, and will add to Volumio2 in the future (hope not that far…).

This is a really good news.