Raspberry Pi 2 & Volumio

Sorry if information has been posted about this already, I could not find it.

Does Volumio play nice with Pi 2?

In retrospect this part shouldn’t be in this area of the forum, but I’ll keep it for posterity. Where does one post information like this? I couldn’t really find an area that fits.

I was planning on building a high quality music player/radio for my girlfriend for valentines and I only have a Pi 1 Model B.

I was thinking about buying a Pi 2 Model B, Hifiberry Amp, psu and a couple of nice speakers, 3D printing a case and shove everything inside. But I can’t for the life if me find out if Volumio has Pi 2 support and if Hifiberry has an Amp that supports Pi 2 & Volumio combo.

(pi, amp, psu, speakers is enough right?).

I’m totally new at this… since it’s going to be portable It’s not going to have the most amazing speakers, but I want to give her something nice.


https://volumio.org/forum/raspberry-model-t2541.html or https://volumio.org/forum/volumio-raspberry-t2538.html or https://volumio.org/forum/what-about-porting-volumio-the-raspberry-t2539.html

When it works we will update the supported devices list on the website and write a post in the “Staff comunications” section.