Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Just heard that there is a new Pi2.

Quad Core Memory, 1Mb RAM with same footprint and price as the B+.

Can’t say how that affects Volumio, but it sure will be an improved platform if it does not require too much more power or cooling.

I just saw this in an email from a large vendor offering it for sale at $35 US , so I suspect it is valid.

Quad Core processor, not memory of course.

1Gb RAM. Where is my coffee?

It’s a great news indeed… I would not praise its performance, before looking at the real world speed (we’re still looking at a 35$ dollar thing)…
Nonetheless, just ordered 3 of them…
Volumio will support it really soon…

That is great to hear. Of course Volumio is running great on the Pi even before the upgrade, especially with AlsaEqual, but it will be fun to see what can happen with the extra power.

Got the Pi2. Already ported Volumio for it!
Tomorrow it will be available for download!


Thank you SO much for your rapid porting!! Grazie tanto!! :smiley:
(My RPi B have choppy problems especially playing the streaming radio.)
I’m looking very much forward for the arrival of my RPi2 (from RS).

Great work. Got my Pi 2 yesterday so will look forward to trying it out.

Well Done Michelangelo!
Got my Pi2 Yesterday, can’t wait to try it out!

Doing last tests… I want to see if I2S DACs are compatible with this new kernel…

sourceforge.net/projects/volumio … %20PI/1.5/
download RPI2 img here :smiley:
just found it when downloading img for my rpi b+

Nope, don’t do that… I’m fixing this image…
Wait… be patient…

Thanks for your fast response!!! I was waiting to order a Pi 2, but now I have no excuse but to order one and wait at the end of the line.

I am picking up 2 new Pi2s tonight. I can’t wait to try the updated image but I2S support is a must and I am happy to wait for a good image. Thanks in advance to the Devs, this little distro rocks!

The official released image features full i2s support

It will be a while before a shiny new Pi 2 arrives, but I am running 1.55 now, it sees my Raspbian NAS, and I added AlsaEqual with no problems at all. I will save this image and copy it to my two other Volumio boxes and let them burn in while I wait for the hardware upgrade.

Thanks for such a solid product!