Raspberry Pi 2 and Volumio left on 24/7

Hey all,

Is it safe to leave a Raspberry Pi 2 with Volumio powered on and running 24/7?



That is what I have done at home for several weeks.

OK, cool.

I don’t mind shutting down Volumio each night but the only way to power back on is to unplug the micro USB and plug it back in. I can only do this at the Pi end and was worried about damaged or breaking the Pi as the Micro USB port is tight and could be damage by the force of unplugging and plugging back in.

I saw a few tutorials for creating a reset switch which would be ideal but not sure my soldering skills are that good and their is no room for it in my Pi case.



I run my PI2 24x7 for several months now and no problems to report.
I do on occassion,for no particular reason, reboot the device but there’s no compelling reason I can see that you need to.

The same holds true for a Pi B+ setup and UDOO Quad running Openmediavault. No issues keeping them up and running.

Hope that helps.

Hey there,

just one thing on leaving Volumio running 24/7 (which I do as well with no problems at all)

Either disable logging on your mpd or delete /var/log/mpd/mpd.log from time to time and reboot. With logging enabled mpd adds a line for each song played and that way the file can grow quite fast…

Hf - Blue


For the big MPD log file here is the solution: huge-mpd-log-file-t2881.html