Raspberry Pi 1 Model B + Durio Sound Pro

So I’m putting together a christmas present/surprise and when surfing the web I found a post about converting an old Raspberry Pi into a DAC (something that my dad is looking to buy for ages now). So searching through the forums and the web I came to the conclusion that for the Raspberry Pi 1 Model B, the best I2S DAC that I could get (for a reasonable price) was the Durio Sound Pro. Is this true? What do you recommend? If you have one how did you set it up (I saw some people using the ‘hifiberry’ preset) (I know my way around PC’s but I have 0 knowledge about sound gear)?
Another thing. If you own one, how much time did it took to arrive? I live in Portugal so ordering from gravitech.us/duriosoundpro.html would take some time. I just want to know if it would arrive in time for me to set it up. (Gravitech hasn’t replied to any of my emails yet).

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Ok. I just found out that my raspberry is the one without the P5 header. What other options do I have besides buying a new one?

EDIT: Derp :blush: Checking the schematic of the Durio Sound I believe it doesn’t require a connection to the P5 header. Can someone confirm?

The only way in this case is using a USB DAC. Search the forum there is a thread about that.

Confirmed that it does not need the P5 header.

Hey that’s my unit there! After trying to configure one myself with the woolfson card I finally gave up and treated myself to this unit pre assembled. It has worked well and provides a very clean sound - it doesn’t seem to add or subtract anything to the sound. And it has worked flawlessly for me. It was more money than my first try but cheaper and at least as good as any of the commercial units available to do all that this platform and hardware will do, especially those that would accept air play.

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Take care : you talked about rpi b without p5. But in the picture it seems to be a rpi B+ or RPI 2 (hard to see).

Here is the list of components

• Durio Sound BASIC board x1
• Durio Sound PRO board x1
• Raspberry Pi B+ x1
• Naked Pi B+ x1
• 8GB microSD card with OS and Durio driver x1
• Edimax Wifi USB adapter x1
• M3 Nylon Screws 16mm x4
• M3 Nylon Standoffs 12mm x4
• M3 Nylon Standoffs 15mm x4
• M3 Nylon Screws 20mm x4
• 0.1" Jumper x2

Thank you all for your replies. I do have 2 questions left.

1: Can someone confirm that I don’t need a new Pi, because I have conflicting voices here.
Note that I have the Raspberry Pi 1 Model B WITHOUT the P5 header (this means that I don’t even have the option of soldering it in)


2: Do you think it will arrive in time for christmas if I buy it tomorrow?

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for me it is clearly not compatible with a rpi b rev1.
Duriosound pro use a 40 pins headers that can’t fit on a rpi b…
But maybe I’m wrong . :confused:
Rpi b rev1
durio sound pro

The connector is not the same size

Doesn’t the list I posted above show the RPI ver b+? Isn’t that the same as your asking?

If you’d like you can pm me and I’ll forward the email for the designer - or you can search around and find it. He was very helpful and responded to my questions

oh. Bad title choice I guess. I have the model B not the B+.

So I definitely need a new Pi. Can I get the ‘Pi2’ or does it need to be the ‘Pi 1 Model B+’?

I would stick with the b+ since that is the one Duriosound was designed and built around.

I like the sound of the DAC and have three but I would not be very hopeful of getting this delivered by Christmas. The last order I placed on August 2nd and took delivery on October 22nd.

The key to use the Durio with model B or A is to put the Durio on the bottom of the Pi!
Here is the instructions on how to use the Durio with model B or A.

  1. Use long dual rows male header pins and cut it into 2x4 lenght.
    site.gravitech.us/MicroResearch/ … resize.JPG
  2. Solder this 2x4 male header to the BOTTOM of the Raspberry Pi model B or A
    site.gravitech.us/MicroResearch/ … resize.JPG
  3. Use 2x4 female header pin and solder it on the TOP of the Durio board
    site.gravitech.us/MicroResearch/ … resize.JPG
  4. Plug the Pi in to the Durio!
    site.gravitech.us/MicroResearch/ … resize.JPG
  5. Attached the two standoffs.
    site.gravitech.us/MicroResearch/ … resize.JPG