Raspberry Pi 0

Hi all,
i have raspberry pi 0 without the wifi chip. i have a usb ethernet adapter that works in raspbian.
i don’t use monitor.
How to start Volumio without monitor? via usb ethernet adapter at first boot?


thank you

I also have one RPI0 without bluetooth and wifi. I have several USB WiFi dongles, some of them work out-of-the-box with Volumio, other ones with newer chipset don’t (they are fine with Raspbian and latest kernel).

I think when Volumio will be ported to Debian Buster the WiFi Dongle compatibility list will be bigger, due to newer Kernel

Regarding USB-to-Ethernet adaptors, they should work as well (still depending on the chipset). I have few at home, I can try them and let you know.

volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … tart_Guide
Goodluck! :slight_smile:

@Darmur If you are willing to test Buster images, let me know - I don’t have access to my Pi0 so can’t test…

No problem, I will!

I can confirm Volumio works fine on RPi0 using a compatible USB-to-Ethernet adaptor

Thank you,
i think that my usb adapter dosen’t work in volumio. Strange beacause it works on picoreplayer too, just you add a netusb empty file on root.
some suggest or it isn’t compatible on Volumio?

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I’ve flashed original image on SD-card and booted it up on RPi0 without any additional change.

USB-to-Ethernet adaptor was recognized immediately on first boot and connection to internet was already active on first boot

thank you, for me dosen’t work, i don’tknow why. it works with other image rasbian base. :question: .

i have make new test, i hope it’s useful for the forum.

this chips adapter works!!

it.aliexpress.com/item/32890615 … 4c4dI32Vt6