Raspberry "barely-fit" case

Well, not quite the project, but it took me a while and I’m happy with the result, so I share :slight_smile:
I used an aluminium case that I got at an electronic fair. The internal case width is exactly the width of the Raspberry, so it is squeezed in the case, with the connectors popping out. I had to remove and turn the SD socket, so the SD card won’t exceed the case dimensions (Rev.1 here).
The front panel has a on/off switch, that simply disconnect the power supply (must turn off via software, first), and the power, sd access, eth link on LEDs.
The rear panel exposes the ETH/USB connectors (hate the misaligned USB…) directly from the board, and via some internal rewiring a (more common) power connector and an audio stereo jack.
Everything fitted in this hand-sized aluminium case :slight_smile:
Next step, try to put in a DAC board, too

Looks good and a great size.
You might have damaged your top usb port a little but a little bending would fix that.
Share some pictures from the inside so show how barely-fit it actually is :slight_smile:

After an year and a half, I’ve reopened the box to sqeeze in a DAC. I’ve removed RPi analog video connector and audio jack to have more room for wiring. Also cleaned up a little. Here some internals (Beware! Messy wiring!)

The enclosure is as long as the RPi, so just by closing it, the RPi will stay in place. The SD card holder is a push-push one, connected with wires so it can be moved and turned with respect to the original one, and the SD card will fit in the box and . I’ve came across this https://www.seeedstudio.com/MicroSD-Card-Adapter-for-Raspberry-Pi-B-p-1674.html too late…