Rasp B+ volume problem on 1.5 only (vs 1.4)


i’ve just received my third B+ raspberryPi.
Installing the 1.5 version on it i’m encountering volume problem with this version. All is fine at 100% but if i try to set it to 90% or minus sound becomes very bad with many “crackling”. Changing volume control to software doesn’t change anything.

All is fine with a 1.4 installation on the same board.

Same goes for my other boards so i suspect a modification on the 1.5 version. Have you any clue ?

Changes on 1.5 are very appealing on a multi-board version (device name, upnp…)


You don’t precise if you use the on board soudcard or a external dac. But with the on board card I’ve got similar problem. As I wrote here : raspberry-default-souncard-t2195.html
And there is another problem with my dac ess9023 : testing-needed-for-i2s-dacs-t1958-40.html
And with 1.4 it’s ok, so there is something wrong in 1.51 :frowning:

you’re right, i’ve just forgetten to say that i use the onboard jack output.
Problem is the same with headphones or portable speaker I don’t have any DAC to test.