Rasberry pi4b - i2S out

Loving Volumio, and i continue to upgrade my stereo around the Volumio Streamer which has been phenomenal. Now thinking about a significant purchase, ie the PSAudio Stellar Gold Dac,

StellarGold DAC – PS Audio

But the DAC requires I2S inputs and while the Pi4 has two HDMI outputs, I think they are both for video screen and you need to use USB output.

Am I correct, or can I use the hdmi out from Pi4 into PS Audio?

This is a very high end DAC.

Please enlighten me.

In this case USB connection seems the most streamlined bet.
HDMI suitability would depend on other elements of the hardware / software involved, but as it’s designed for signal-out on the Pi4b, it should work for audio in the right program(s).

The DAC itself seems disproportionately “excessive”, but that’s at least as much opinion as it is fact. :wink:

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Yes. I agree with you. Performance with I2s input is as good as the source is. In this case I2s is only one of the Kernel process. Much better is send to DAC signal via USB and all process will be prepared with special processors in DAC.

I have hearing difference between Pi + I2s card and Pi + USB card to DAC.

In my system, each element is matched and tuned to each other (I won’t talk about prices because sometimes my wife reads what I write :wink: ) and I2s with Pi showed sound degradation.

maybe i2s about hdmi. Ian Canada has great solutions for this.

here are a few possible solutions.

But in my opinion it is still I2s transport from Karnel process. This Audiophile solutions are only “audiophile” from the name.

Okay, then USB is the fastest and simplest solution.

In this DAC he has : I2S, USB, AES/EBU, coaxial inputs. I2S will be good if use with streamer like Rose or Lumin where I2s is hardware.

Stellar Gold DAC is very good 8 x ESS dual mono ( 4 x ESS 9038 per chanell gives better THD and NSR parameters ). You get from DAC what you give to DAC. ( I repeat that is my opinion ) I2s from Pi is not enought good signal for this DAC.

The stones can be transported by truck and can also be transported by bicycle. The choice is yours :wink:

Or a Magna Mano MKIII or MKIIa if you want to use Volumio

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This device still “converts the RPi I2S stream” and use the same WM8804 like other HAT’s.

I heard difference on (my) reference system between I2s HAT’s and USB converter. Belive me, you don’t want spend 4K USD for DAC and use it with HAT.

HAT’s are good, but on some level are insufficient.

PI2AES 2.0 - PRO AUDIO SHIELD is pro but still bicycle-pro not truck :wink:

if it could be bought in Europe, I would buy it. Personal experience is priceless.

Yes, and my personal experience I put in posts above