Rasberry Pi/Volumio

greetings my first post on the forum.I am a newbie in dac players i have made the dac player
using Pi/Fi card its working with Volumio through my mobile no issues with sound quality.I
want to attach the official 7 inch touch screen CAN the touch screen work WITHOUT the
internet only using the touch screen not using the mobile PLEASE HELP ME.
warm regards

hi Andrew welcome on the forum,
for the official 7 inch touch screen i would advice to install the touch display plugin.

best regards,

Hello dvo
greetings can the touch screen work without internet
warm regards

touch display plugin you have to load from the plugin page and this runs from your pi.
but installing it, it needs internet to grab the plugin’s
without internet you only can run local files

Hi Andrew

On the DIYAudio forum you stated that you have a Waveshare 5" display? Have you given up on that?

both could work on rpi if he needs help with that there are posts about it.
and if he still got problems contact gvolt and he can help you with both of the screens…
both of the screens need the touch display plugin…

I HAVEprogressed so far whatever comes on the mobile screen comes on the touch screen
with a mouse if i click on the touchscreen keys it works

your resolution is still to high set…

do i have to lower the resolution

in /boot/config.txt I edit flowing line to you resolution of your screen replace the 1920 and 1080
with your resolution of your screen :

hdmi_cvt 1920 1080 60 3 0 0 0

what your showing in the picture is not the official 7 inch touch screen

your height seems to be oke ( the setting in the second place) but your width needs adjustment ( the first ).