Rasberry Pi - external dac - integrated amp - share your configuration?

Just really curious in people’s setups whereby they use Raspberry Pi streamer feeding an external dac and then feeding a full range amplifier stereo system. I will share mine and please share yours:

Streamer: Rasberry Pi5 running volumio 3.631
DAC: Twin ESS Sabre 9068 via USB connection
Integrated: Peachtree Carina 150 integrated amp
Speakers: KEF R3Meta, Kef KC62


That’s a very nice system. Here’s what I have …
Streamer: Pi4 with Volumio. Sits on the back of the official RPi 7" display, uses an Odroid remote
DAC: Topping D10S via USB
Amp: Rega Elex-R
Speakers: Sonus Faber Lumina II
NAS: Pi5 running Samba - also serves another Volumio system in another room

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Not going to share the pictures as it’s a pile of stacked equipment to support Volumio. But I can list all items and yes it’s ridiculous I know, still I don’t get why the spouse tells me it’s enough:

NAD C740
NAD D3045
NAD T747

Focal Chorus 807V
Teufel Ultima 40
Dali 107

Sony wh-1000xm4
Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 4
Moondrop Aria
1MORE Penta Driver in-ear

2 * rPi3 with Volumio
3 * rPi4 with Volumio
1 * rPi4 with Moode
1 * rPi5 with Volumio
1 * Odroid N2+ with Volumio - LMS - Squeezelite
1 * Odroid M1s with Volumio
2 * Dell Wyse with Volumio
1 * HP Elitedesk with Volumio
1 * HP Elitedesk with Volumio - LMS - Squeezelite
2 * radio modules based on Frontier Silcon Venice-X

Topping E50
Topping E30II
Topping dx3 Pro+
iFi Zen DAC
Pro-ject Pre-box S2 Digital
NAD D3045


Sound wise stationary preferred setup:
NAD D3045 + Odroid N2+ Topping dx3 pro + Focal’s

Sound wise portable preferred setup:
rPi4-8GB + iFi Zen DAC + FusionDSP + Moondrops/1MORE


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I am sure you can get some more

Not sure, I ran out of reasons to convince her why I need it. Telling her it’s just luxury to have food every day didn’t go well…


All this great, expensive, sophisticated stuff and the source is a $55.00 tiny computer!

Now I understand where the raspberry pi shortage came from!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well let’s see the listing of the other team members, I’ll think they beat me in quantity…

The worst part here is that the cheapest setup sounds the best.

iFi ZenDAC =  199
Argon case =   30
Moondrops =    90
rPi4-8GB =     50

Just put it together and got it working. £1 coin for scale.
Next step is to install in lounge, which means running a speaker cable.
In the case is a Raspberry Pi 4, IQAudioAmp+ Hat, there is a 360 degree encoder, for volume and pause/resume.
I am using a pair of Bower and Wilkins M1 speakers - originally designed for surround sound.

I found the raspberry Pi was getting warm so added a passive heatsink. Then found the amplifier was too close to the heatsink, so added an extender to the GPIO pins. It works fine and sound good.
I tested it with some uploaded tracks, calm radio (I have a subscription) and some radio stations.
I have a Tidal subscription, so will be paying for the Pro subscription once installed.
Will probably pair Alexa using Bluetooth as the wife is used to saying “Alexa play music”.

I was given the Raspberry Pi4.
The Amplifier hat and rotary encoder cost under £25 on ebay.
The case and heatsink cost £20 from Amazon. I had the PSU in my workshop.
The speakers were £45 from a charity shop.
(These retail for £250 each and look good quality for a small speaker).

If it weren’t for the pandemic, I’d probably still be stuck with only vinyls and CDs. Don’t get me wrong, I was using a Logitech Squeezebox to play my music files, mostly MP3 songs. I ripped my CDs and vinyls into digital MP3 files at 320 kbps, which was good enough for casual listening during my long flights, but it still couldn’t compare to the quality of vinyl and CDs.

In 2020, when the government issued the “Order to Stay Home,” I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. Google and YouTube introduced me to higher-quality lossless music files (FLAC, WAV, DSD, and MQA). I started researching music players that could support these file formats and more.

Initially, I considered the BlueSound Node as a music streamer box. The price was reasonable, and I thought it would meet my requirements for digital music. I almost ordered the Bluesound, but then I discovered Volumio and changed my mind. It wasn’t just because Volumio was free; the Raspberry Pi 4/2GB was also very affordable at around $35. I ordered a Topping D50s with a linear power supply (LPS), but I returned it within a month and got the Topping D90mqa instead, which is still going strong in my main system.

During those two to three years of free time, I managed to clean all my 3,000+ vinyls with an ultrasonic cleaner and re-ripped the songs from my vinyls and CDs in WAV format. I couldn’t be happier with my current system.

Today, my system is still pretty much the same as it was several years ago. My main digital player is now a Raspberry Pi 5 with 8GB of RAM. I still have an Asus Tinkerboard S, three Raspberry Pi 4s, a Topping D90mqa as my main DAC, and a Geekworm DACPi with a PCM5122 DAC, which offers excellent value for the price.

Since I started using Volumio three years ago, I was using only a Raspberry Pi 4/2GB with a Topping DAC, and I was very happy with the sound quality, music database management, and remote control capabilities via my smartphone and computer. Today, my setup has grown a bit. I now have an excellent PeppyMeter screen saver for visual enjoyment along with the sound. Recently, I booted from NVMe and stored close to 2TB of music on the same NVMe. I have had a lot of fun with Volumio since the beginning. Thank you, Volumio and friends in the community.!

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Not quite at the same level as @Wheaten but some people have said “enough is enough”… :face_with_monocle:

Desktop setup:
Dell Wyse 3040
Chord Mojo 2
Beyerdynamic DT150 (closed)
Drop x Sennheiser HD6xx (open, moded)

Armchair setup (casual listening and “show-off”)
Raspberry Pi4 with oficial screen and case
Creative BT-W5 to broadcast over Bluetooth to
Ikea Eneby speaker
Dali iO-6 headphones

Ruark R1 mk3 radio
Raspberry Pi0 W
Apple dongle as DAC

Temporary main system
Ruark MR1 mk2 active speakers
Dell Wyse 3040
Topping D10S
iFi power supply
Cambridge DacMagic 200M
and Xduoo T-26 tube amp for headphone listening

You can also see a Raspberry Pi0 W with PirateAudio line out DAC in the second picture. Yet to be deployed somewhere around the house, maybe in the kitchen.

Some day, there will be the real main system, starting with Acoustic Energy AE1 active speakers… with Volumio somewhere in the chain, naturaly! :sunglasses:

I use a raspberry pi 3b with a dual pcm 1794A dac as the main streamer.
a raspberry pi 4 with a khadas tone1 board.
a Raspberry Pi 2 plus a Philips dual TDA 1543 DAC hat with custom transformers from Dion Audio.
all three of course equipped with volumio.

Furthermore, an Audio Research LS7 pre-amp with a Pink Faun SMD volume control with infrared.
2x Bryston 7b mono power amplifiers.
audio physics tempo 4 speakers.

I have made many more audio streamers in the past, for others and myself.

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This has been a great thread. So many great systems. Thanks everyone for sharing😁

You started it :slight_smile:

I stack monitors like @Wheaten stacks RPi’s.
Main speakers photo RPi 3b+ not visible - Volumio replaced the obsolete server/streamer OS of the Oppo Sonica DAC.
The KORG DS-DAC-10R does an equivalent job, audibly speaking.
The RPi cases are Wicked Aluminum / Optima Tray rigs. Not cheap but fantastic cooling even for light jobs like Volumio.

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Not a good picture…

Streamer: Rasberry Pi3B running volumio 3.631 + HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro
DAC: ROTEL RDD-1580 - Dual Wolfson 24-bit/192kHz WM8740
PowerAmp: ROTEL RB-1552 MkII Highs
PowerAmp: ROTEL RB-1582 MkII Lows (not in the picture).
Speakers: DIY speakers with SEAS drivers.

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So for those of us only with ‘old pies’ external DAC is not a great option. Pi3b is known to struggle on USB output.

Instead I went for DAC HAT from Innovent, which for £20 or so is amazing value - the Pi box cost more… Punches way above its weight, currently in the Garagym: electronics <100, speakers (old but remarkable Ruark Prologue Ones) 200.

wtaf? Tell us more about the pylons.

Also adding in my vacation house Rasberry pi set up:

Streamer: rasberry Pi4
DAC: topping e30
Amp: PS Audio Sprout 100
Speakers: Monitor Audio (2017)
Bass: Cambridge Minx

My turn…
BOXEM Arthur 4512/E2
Refurbished QUAD Pro-ESL63 + 2 Dynaudio subs 9S