Randomizer, I miss it so much :)

Is there an ETA on the delivery of Randomizer? Sometimes the tyranny of choice is too much to bear. Then I just fire up Plex and let it randomly rotate the same library via Volumio (AirPlay). Or perhaps chose a mood, or a genre or a style. Plex does not sound as good as Volumio directly but it has more discovery options. Please bring the Randomizer back to life for v3 x much love

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Sorry it’s taken so long. I must confess that I kept shying away from Volumio 3 until the plugin situation got a bit better.

Anyway good news! - I submitted the pull request yesterday.

Fingers crossed that I did everything necessary and you’ll soon be Randomising to your heart’s content! (any suggestions for future improvements gratefully received).

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Excellent news! I’ll be sure to make suggestions features :+1::+1::+1:

Hi @Old_Duffer any news on this yet? Volumio is getting jealous over my Plexamp affair :joy:

Hi. I submitted the request but with my marvellous GitHub skills :rofl: it could well be sitting in the wrong place, unseen by those that need to see it. We could be waiting for a bus that’s never coming!