Radio Web image

Hi, I always listen to the same web radio, I would like instead of the image of Volumio to appear the one of the radio itself.
I try to do it in /data/albumart/web/radioxxxx/
Here I located the image I want it to look, for example xx.jpg, I modify info.json like this: {“extralarge”: “xx.jpg”} but I do not get it to work.
Is my approach correct to the problem?
How can I do it?

Well, I keep trying, with the modifications I mentioned earlier, at some point I see the desired logo, but refreshing the page returns the Volumio logo.

Do you understand what I want to do?
I want this:


It looks like this:

it’s possible?

I hope someone with knowledge is interested, I’m still trying.
From one moment to another it started to work using the settings that I put in the first post.
When I try to do it with another station, nothing happens. It’s a matter of time? At some point refresh the albumarts? How can it be forced?
On the other hand, where do you take the images in the queue?