Radio Web Icon

I’m trying Volumio 2.338.
The option on Volumio Selection Web Radio is very good.
I ask, does the radio icon come in the broadcast itself or is it something that can be added? Can I add the icon to my own radios?


Hi Daniel,

The same question was asked by another forummember.
With regards to the icon in the menu, those are not supported for self-added stations.

I believe the albumart is pushed by the radio station, so that should work out of the box.

This is our first attempt to build a Volumio webradio directory. In fact all the webradios in Volumio selection are fetched from a cloud service that we are implementing. Of course the idea is to extend it in the future with options to add community based selection, upvote downvote etc

I understand, maybe this is the way to play RadioParadise Flac.

Can you provide a link and an icon url? I will include it :wink:

320k AAC (US):
320k AAC (Europe):


This radio is broadcasting in Flac, but it does not do it directly from a link, it does it from its app. With my iPhone and AirPlay I can play it in Volumio with an impressive sound.
Logitech Media Server has an AddOn that allows you to play it in Volumio.
In this link, Bill, the RP manager, explains the topic: … c_id=24790

Maybe you can implement something similar in Volumio, it really is very good radio and the sound in Flac is very very good.



I also would love to be able to add station logos.

If not planned to implement, can you please add the very good station “” tothe radios ?
Only 128kB MP3 - but great selection - please try.




Thank you very much :smiley:

I am using version 2.352. I do not see the option Volumio Selection Web Radio.
What did I break?



Hi michelangelo,
I have following favorite radio station I wish they where included in the volumio list, so the stations logo will be shown instead the volumio standard cover.
These are german radio stations:
SWR1 Rheinland-Pfalz:
DLF Nova:

Thank you very much.