Radio replay won't stop.


Firstly - thanks for a great product.

After upgrading I lost volume control, so I deleted all the settings and all was fine. However, I lost all my radio stations: previously I had minimstreamer streaming the BBC stations and had those streams added as ‘My Web Radios’

After the re-set I seemed also to have lost minimstreamer, but I discovered that I can now just add the 320kbps BBC streams straight into ‘My Web Radios’ without re-streaming through minimstreamer and the play fine. For example, BBC Radio 4 is … ourfm.m3u8

However, the issue I now have is you can’t stop them playing easily. I can only stop the radio by deleting it from the Queue and then selecting a track from the NAS to play - the radio will continue to play if you just delete it from the queue and don’t select something else. It will even keep on playing if you delete is and select something from Spotify to play. The other option is to delete the Queue and then reboot. It seems to be an issue with the BBC ones (perhaps because of the m3u8 format?) as other radio stations stop as normal e.g. Absolute Radio on … rvice=arhq

I wonder if anyone else has had this issue and can advise on what changes I need to make so I can stop the radio when it’s a BBC and/or m3u8 stream?

Thanks in anticipation.

I just googled trying to find a solution to this problem and found my own post, so I guess it’s just me?

I’ve added the BBC radio streams in their highest quality settings, which are 320kbps and .mu3u8 streams

The issue I have is that you cannot then stop them or play another radio stream, you have to play something from the NAS (in my case) and then stop that. You can delete the radio feed from the queue but it will still play until you select something from the NAS. The other way to stop it is to reboot the system.

I appreciate that it seems like I’m alone in this issue, but if anyone has any suggestions to try I’d be very grateful. I’m using a Pi B with an IQAudio DAC+, in case that makes a difference.