Radio Paradise freeze

I am using the latest version of Volumio Buster in Rasp3, Allo Boss. DSP plugin, RP, Volspotconnect2.
Several days ago I noticed that the music freezes on Radio Paradise, it keeps playing the loop at the last second. You hit Play and it’s fixed. After a while, again.
It goes a log of a full day, there are at least 3 episodes of this.

This problem is very annoying, can someone guide me to try to solve it? I don’t know how to read the log to figure out what’s going on.

You don’t have to.
Plugins are community developments.
Post the log link in the appropriate plugin thread and ask the author of the plugin, he should be able to help you.

@danielfelix disable FusionDsp and check if problem is still here.
As you know, FusionDsp needs a fix (we are working on it) and I suspect the issue you meet comes from here…