Radio Favorites

I talked with the owner of my Hifi shop yesterday. He mentioned that a couple of potential buyers had not gone the Volumio route because they found access to radio favorites too cumbersome. In fact it does take four clicks to get to a favorite radio station. This is because favorite radio stations are stored under Webradio / favorites and not in the favorites on the browse homepage.
I am suggesting to add a point to the three dot menu to store a radio favorite.

  • Today there is one to “add to radio favorites”
  • I am suggesting to add an option “add to general favorites”

That would reduce the number of clicks needed by one.
I am aware there is a workaround to move radio favorites to general favorites but that is definitely not useful for consumers.

The favourites stuff in general should be rethinked now that we have native qobuz and tidal integrations, favourites from these services are not showing up in the “favourites” section either, instead you need to browse to service X, then to favourites which are even further splitted to different sections.

My solution would be provide this all within the top level favourites, and split it with tabs for tracks/streams, album, playlist and artist, then it was in the same place and still organized.

Really useful suggestion guys, thanks