quick script to apply replay gain after changing settings iu

okay i would like to thank wilddash wood for the basic comands in this script
the comands were initally found in this thread replaygain-supported-t497.html

these were tested on a raspberry pi running volumio 1.55
first to get this on your install you will need ssh access, i recommend bitvise SSH or putty

first make a backup of your install using any method at your disposal
windows users use “win32diskimager”
linux users use dd
mac do what you do

for reference the default credentials are
user: root
pass: volumio

log in to your system and type nano

in the terminal window paste or type the following


this script will add replay gain back to mpd.conf

after saving settings with the web ui

comands were obtained from https://volumio.org/forum/replaygain-supported-t497.html

short link to above thread - http://tinyurl.com/ne56rxm

echo ‘replaygain “album”’ >> /etc/mpd.conf
echo ‘replaygain_preamp “0”’ >> /etc/mpd.conf
echo ‘replaygain_limit “yes”’ >> /etc/mpd.conf

/etc/init.d/mpd restart[/code]

press “ctrl+x”
type “y” when it asks “save unmodified buffer”
give it a name with the file extension of “.sh”
i name it “rg-apply.sh”
remember the filename

next lets make it executable type

chmod +x [your flename] my command is chmod +x rg-apply.sh

now you can execute it by typing


also note if you followed my instructions the script will be saved in /root as rg-apply.sh (full path “/root/rg-apply.sh”)

tips for the linux beginner
the linux shell is CaSe SeNsItIvE (“nano” is not the same as “Nano”)
when you save your playback settings in the web ui you will need to run the script again because the file will be over written
if you are getting permission denied for any of these commands put sudo in the front of it

if after typing sudo, it asks for a password type “volumio” and press enter (you can not see what you type, its a security feature of linux)