Quick, cheap, versatile raspberry pi based music player


I have been looking for reasonable music player to be connected between my NAS and stereo amplifier, via network cable and rca to amp.
I can use something like Sonos connect but I thought why not make one based on raspberry pie.

I have very limited idea on how this raspberry business works, but it will be an interesting journey as I have some computer knowledge.

I would appreciate if somebody can guide me on
1: which raspberry pie unit I should buy.
2. Which software I should install
The requirement is

  1. The unit accepts Ethernet cable
  2. It can play high resolution flac files, possibly dsd too.
  3. The unit can be controlled via tablet pc, I.e. iPad.
  4. It has DAC as my amplifier doesn’t have one.

And it needs to be cheap!

Thank you very much for your help.

I think that you really need to do some Googling here. While many people will be happy to present their views of a particular board etc., they almost certainly won’t want to do all your work for you :wink:.

Thank you for your suggestion. It’s just my raspberry pie sheet is quite blank so I wanted to have a bit of advise to start with.

OK, unless you have a particular reason for not doing so, simply get a RPi 3B+ ensuring that you also purchase a good quality power supply (min. 2.5A). You will also need a DAC, either a USB one, or an i2s one that sits on top of your RPi. The latter will be the cheaper solution. Allo, Hifiberry & IQaudio all seem to be popular (there are some examples in the Volumio shop).

Download the latest Volumio image from the download page (checking it’s MD5 sum), and flash to a 8GB sd card with Etcher or Win32diskimager.

Read the documentation in my signature, & away you go.