Quick and dirty Volumio Player


Needed: a thriftstore $ 5,00 Marantz tuner, an old charger from a rechargable drill from the shed, a Raspberry Pi which was laying in a drawer for some years, a $ 30,00 Marktplaats (sort of Dutch Craigslist) Suptronics X5000 Sabre DAC/Amp HAT, some bolts, nuts, speaker terminals and knobs from the shed and most expensive a $ 60,00 Chinese 1920x480 touch display.

Preparation: Gut the tuner completely, leaving front and back complete, shorten the case lengthwise in half because it’s not gonna need all that space, drill some holes here and there in the bottom for fixing Pi and powersupply, jigsaw a hole in the front for the display, power and volume knob. Screw and solder everything together.

Finishing: because of the jaggy fronthole glue some brass lining around it. Download Volumio and some plugins (Peppymeter of course), configure it and start playing.
All that’s left is convincing Volumio that there is both a NAS and a PC with a shared hard disk containing my collection of ripped CD’s, in which I have not succeeded in yet despite all the tips and tricks and manuals from this community. But it’s a rainy day, so …

EDIT: after 2 days of futile trying, re-entering checked ipadres of my shared PC, name and password, etc.etc.etc., in short, the lot. Who could have thought that in a stroke of genius simply removing the share of the disk and then sharing it again with exactly the same parameters would do the trick? Certainly not me, but it works!

Is it necessary? No. Is it fun? More than.
Wishes? Maybe i can squeeze in a small chinese tube preamp with the tubes protruding from the top. Just for the fun of it.


Excellent project, I especially like the repurposing of old gear. Plus it looks amazing in that lovely Marantz unit.

Seen the build process, with all its quirks and tantrums. Nice to see it has a decent volumeknob now. Great work!

Beautiful :heart: :heart: :heart: