queue order?

Why does the queue populate with the tracks of an album in alphabetical order not track number. Every time I select an album from the album view it puts all tracks in the queue in this order only, I cannot get it to load by number. btw, I burned the CD to the library using Volumio with a drive connected to a RPi 3 with IQ_audio DAC

I haven’t seen this, I have songs with filenames matching track number and title, so they sort in track number order anyway.
01 Joan, I’m Disappearing.flac
02 In This Modern Land.flac
03 Distraction-Losing Sleep.flac

so I guess I could prepend the track number to the track title? Bliss will do that I think.

I’ve been using a program called MP3Tag to clean up tags, filenames, etc.
It’s quite powerful and flexible.

I have resorted to this as I often find the listed order is alphabetical by track title. So have created a macro in MP3Tag to add "xx: " at the start of each tracks title.

So I open the first track in MP3Tag then select the add directory to add the contents of the directory.

Check that the tracks have track numbers (I also have a macro to add track numbers to all files in their current order).

Then run the macro to add the track number to the start of the title.

I also remove any artwork (as I do not need to see that, so it probably saves a bit of space unless using a NAS for storage, also makes file load a little faster).

To create the action use:

Field: TITLE
Format String: $num(%track%,2): %title%

This will add a 2 digit track number with leading zero padding.