Questions for "Wifi Audio System Multiroom" with Raspberry

Hi guys!

i’ve a question for you!!

I don’t have experience with Raspberry or similar…but I would costruction a “Wifi Audio System Multiroom” with Raspberry Zero W and Volumio.

My questions are:

  • Can I transmit a song from my smartphone with Spotify app with account standard (no premium)?
  • can I transmit a song on multiple speakers?
  • Can I transmit different songs on singular speaker? for example: a song on living speaker and another song on bathroom speaker…

Thank you so much for yours answers! and sorry for my english…!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Spotify requires a premium account.
When you write “- can I transmit a song on multiple speakers?” do you mean on multiple devices ? If yes, a plugin is in dev by saiyato. Have a look at the plugins collection.
For different songs on on singular speaker, yes you you can remote all your devices through the same interface.

I would listen one song on all devices!

Thank you so much!