Question about the artist button and thumbnails.

Hello, this is my first question :wink: When I press the Artist button this is what I get.
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Is it possible to display the logo of each group ?
Yet when I click on the album button all my covers appear on each record.

This is what I get when I click on the albums button
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Where should I add the logos of each group?

As far as I can see Volumio is sourcing an artist photo from the web.
The photos I see aren’t album covers and aren’t images I’ve provided. Less well known bands sometimes don’t have photos in the interface either.
This is what mine looks like.

Thank you for your answer, but the bands on my list are very well known. Maybe I forgot a setting in the software?

Are the songs (files) tagged with Artist? Perhaps that’s it. I know that incorrect tags can result in songs appearing out of the regular Artist\Album folder structure in the Volumio interface.


To illustrate my problem here is a screenshot of my computer. The N°1 corresponds to my tag editor (META, I’m on a mac), the 2 marker corresponds to the folder where the album is found, and the 3 marker corresponds to the interface of volumio. You will notice that the tags are present on each track of the album, whereas in volumio only 4 tracks appear …???
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The problem of missing songs in the albums is solved :wink: . I changed the tag editor, with a Tagr, which is directly connected to Discogs. And it works.
Too bad my initial problem is not solved. Indeed, when I click on the Artists tab, I see the names of the artists but there is no image. But this problem has become secondary and minor.
Thank you for your answers.
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You might need to be a little bit patient, I have a few artists with those generic icons too.
But your AC/DC and other well known bands should get artist photos, it might just take a little while for them to be populated from the internet.