I’m Mathias from France (sorry for my english).
WE are in quarantine, actually.
So, i’ve decided to make an mobile app.
There’s the 1st screen.Screenshot_2020-03-20-13-00-37-002_com.confinement.jpg

Hi! from Isère :slight_smile:
Yes, it’s a good way to spend time :wink:
keep us in touch!

Screenshot_2020-04-06-01-02-11-928_com.confinement.jpgScreenshot_2020-04-06-01-01-47-967_com.confinement.jpgScreenshot_2020-04-06-01-02-00-193_com.confinement.jpgHello, some new screens




Video coming soon, at the end of the week, i hope

Well done for making it but…
You haven’t told us what it is? What it is for, what does it do? Are you going to share the app? I’m confused at this or am I being stupid?

Does it stop covid!?