Quad ULPS1225A Ultra Low Noise LPS

this is my new LPS.
made from 2x ULPS1225A Dual Ultra Low Noise Linear Power Supplys ( osaelectronics.com/product/ulps1225a/ )
in a aluminum enclosure (1550HBK , Hammond Diecast, black 222x146x101mm)

How does it compare to your Dual Thel NT-25HQ-09 LPS?

I wish I had a soundcheck guest who hears a difference here. I do not hear it.

User difference: Here no need to adjust the voltage.
For me Thel is traditional and OSA the more modern way.

Thanks judydudi.

Maybe I will consider this one for my project :wink:
It is a bit in between the NT-25 and the NT-50. Not as big as the NT-50 but not as strong, too. choices, choices :laughing:

One more question judydudy: What case is this and where did you get it?


don-audio.com/Hammond-Dieca … x146x101mm