Qobuz with unstable behaviour: music blinks and stops few seconds before the end

Volumio Information

The playback is a bit unstable, it blinks and do not get until end of the song.

Volumio Version: 2.882
Hardware: streamer: allo USBRIDGE SIGNATURE PLAYER (volumio)
DAC:Denafrips ares ii

volumio on mobile: android.
wired internet 1Gb/s


I found a solution for me. Cancel Volumio. Download RopieeeXL (is for free/or pay as much as you want). Insert the microSD with the RopieeXL, insert it into my allo USbridge signature. Let the software install by itself. Connect Denafrips Ares ii. Open BubbleUPnP app on my Android phone. Select the renderer (RopieeXL-UPnP). Open Qobuz on BubbleUPnP, choose an album. Open a beer. Relax.
I have been trying and trying and waiting on Volumio. no good results for me. I may come back in the future, for now I RopieeeXL my life.